Sunday, December 28

Happy Holidays 2014

Well, THAT as a long time not to blog about anything! But life gets busy, kids go to school, you move 1500 miles away and don't have your best buds next door anymore... you know.  Stuff happens.

Scrapbook Girl is still alive and well, just not going to big conventions for now.  The big shows have gotten to be too expensive to continue, and I apologize to everyone for not being there.  Booth fees, travel expenses and the lack of enough people attending these conventions all led me to the hard decision to drop the shows for 2014 and forward.  I miss meeting new people and seeing old friends, but that just couldn't justify all the expenses of going to the shows.  Please still visit us on our website, Scrapbook Girl and we'll be happy to pack and ship anywhere in the US.

Here's an update on the family and what we've been up to these past 3-4 years...

We've been here in upstate NY for 3 1/2 years now and although it still isn't "home", it's gotten comfortable, and I guess that's the next best thing.  I miss my girlfriends every day, and even when I don't talk to them for months, as soon as I hear their voice on the other end of the line, it's like I just left.  We pick up right where we were and just keep on going.

The reason we moved was to help out with Andy's parents.  His dad has been in the Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home for the past year, and was just moved a few weeks ago into the regular nursing home part of the facility.  His memory is basically gone now, with occasional moments of recognition, and even those are further apart.  He's still a very sweet, mild mannered man I've known these past 30+ years, but he has no idea who anyone is.  While it's heartbreaking for his kids to see him like this, I feel some comfort at least that HE doesn't seem bothered by what's happening to him.  At least he's still happy and unbothered with anything going on around him. 

His mom has gone further down the memory decline as well, but she doesn't see it and remains convinced she's taking care of herself very well, even though we're all doing everything for her.  She still lives at home, and she forgets that she has dinner with one of the 5 kids every night (we each have a night to host, and weekends are taken care of by a hired caretaker.)  Even with having her car keys hidden and being told that her kids don't think she should be driving any more, she still found a way to find a "lost" set of keys and drive herself to the grocery store. She shouldn't mind you, but she did.  More conversations with the family on what to do about that will be started soon.

The kids LOVE it up here.  They're all doing great in school and love the winter sports.  We have a downhill skier, a cross-country skier and a snowboarder in the family now.  (Santa was really generous this year, and no, the kids don't believe it was Santa.)

I think that about catches you up on what's been happening to me.  Facebook has pretty much taken the place of any blogging I used to do, even the little I did.  It's hard to find time (or remember sometimes) to log into the blog.  I've started a new (to me) art form, Zentangle that I have fallen in love with.  It's relaxing, exciting to see what is created at the end, and I'm loving learning new tangles.  If anyone is interested, try going to and see all the possibilities.

I want to wish you all a very safe 2015 New Year.  I pray for our country to find a way to back off the hatred for our police and give it a chance to come back to our senses.  Hatred is never the answer to any problems.   Stay safe everyone, and Happy New Year.

Friday, January 1

A Happy New Year to ALL!!

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to all my friends and family!  I hope the new year brings everyone joy and happiness and brings us all closer to family and God.  I wish you all a very Blessed New Year!!

Thursday, December 10

Baby steps

OK, Scrapbook Girl has taken another baby step in updating our whole look and site.  The new site is "live", but the store is closed for the holidays.  Our last shipments went out today!  Whooopie!  You can at least now get a look at the new site and let me know what you think.  There are still things that are being corrected, but you can get the gist of how it's going to look.
I'm really excited about the new site and how much easier it's supposed to make things. (we'll see after I actually get the first orders from it.)  I'm sure it will be much better either way. 
I hope all of my friends, far and wide, have a great holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  I'm so richly blessed by God for my family and friends.  Without you all I'd be a very different person.  Thank you all and God Bless!

Wednesday, December 9

Oh, Scrap!: The First Day Of Christmas!

Oh, Scrap!: The First Day Of Christmas!

What? Another FOOT surgery??

Wouldn't you think by now I'd be tired of having the same foot cut on, I mean this will be the 5th time something hasn't worked.  Apparently, I'm one of the rare people who are alergic to the hardware they put IN my foot last Dec.  (Holidays have taken on a whole new challenge.) 

Monday the 14th, I'll be going in again so the dr can take out the pin and 2 screws that have kept a bruised spot on the top of my foot for the past year.  After repeated visits and a CAT scan, he finally determined that it's allergies.  The good news is that it should be a short recovery since he'll use the same tracks he made the last time, and it's mainly just the incision site that will need to heal.  The bad news is that it's the last week the kids have before Christmas break and that means class parties and such.  I'm still planning on attending Nicki's since hers is on the 16th, but the boys is on the 14th, so I'll be busy that morning. :)

I've managed to get almost all of my shopping done, including a family with 4 kids that our church has adopted for Christmas.  If ANYONE knows how to find ONE MORE zhu zhu pet I'd really be your friend for life!  I have 2 so far, but none of the accessories, and I hate to go to the auction sites that have a $10 toy for $40 and up.  I don't condone extortion, and yes that's what I think it is.  I can see someone getting creative and making a profit, I have no problem with that, but not highway robbery?  It's bad enough that the one store I found them at was selling them for $15 each.  But hey, it's Christmas right?  Anyway, that's probably not going to happen, so I'll just keep calling and looking.  I'd like to find an accessory to go with them but they're all sold out too.  I know I'm not alone in this quest, good luck fellow hunters.

I'll let you know how it goes.  Peace and blessings to all my friends far and wide.

Thursday, November 26


I want to wish all my friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope this finds you with friends and family.

I'm up and have my sweet potatoes in the oven baking to make a casserole that I will probably be the only one enjoying, but that's OK by me. :)  I already made my pies earlier this week; apple, chocolate cream and pecan with a pumpkin pie from Publix; and for some reason the kids decided they want deviled eggs with dinner, so I'm boiling eggs too. (I think they're thinking more of what gets brought to the church dinners than Thanksgiving food, but that's OK too.) 

I am so sad that my brother John won't be joining us today and that he's down in Florida alone.  I'm pretty sure he'll be having dinner with friends, but it won't be the same without him.  He's my only family left and I miss him a lot.  I love you little brother.

OK, {{sniff, sniff}} enough of that.  I'll wait to get all choked up when we sit down for dinner.  At least I'll be able to EAT today.  I've been back to the endodontist for another "fitting" of this temp crown, and things have calmed down somewhat.  I can at least chew without anticipating excrutiating pain if anything touches my back left teeth, or sneeze. LOL!!

Well friends, we're almost finished another year.   I hope you all enjoy yourselves today, eat too much, watch a little football (as we must Thanksgiving day!) and enjoy it ALL.

All my very best to my very best!!

Love, Lisa

Wednesday, November 18


I spent most of the day Monday at the dentist.  It started at 9am with my regular dentist where I was supposed to have 2 permanent crowns put in.  I was still having a lot of pain with the two molars and he thought I should have it checked before we put the permanents in place.  So at 2:00 I was seeing an Endodontist and, yup, I needed not one... but TWO root canals.  Both teeth were having trouble so I went back at 4:00 to get started.  I left around 6pm still very numb. 

Tuesday was good and bad.  I got some christmas shopping done early, then went home and had to crash with a pain pill.  I go back on Thursday to finish the root canal process, then back to my regular dentist for the crowns.  I just hope it's all done before Thanksgiving so I can eat! :)  {I've got my priorities.}
I'm gonna try to go back to sleep now.  I have to be up in the morning and it's after 2am already.
I hope ya'll have a better week!

Saturday, November 14

Good Morning from Harrisburg, PA

I'm vendoring the Crop Classix scrapbook retreat this weekend and it's been fun so far. It's nice to see people from last year and other vendors from other events. The hotel is neat too because it has a connecting hallway to the downtown mall next door.

In between customers I'm working on the website and just need my web guys to add a few buttons and it'll be up soon.

I have a new *Blinkie* and I want you all to grab it and add to your site. She's very cute, and I'd like to thank Nicole Bateman for doing a great job. :)

Monday, October 26

New site is almost ready

I can't wait. .. the new site is looking FABULOUS and I can't wait to share it with you all. The colors are great and we even have a brand new logo.
With any luck, the designers will be finished this week and we'll be live by the end of the week. Cross your fingers that all goes well. I'll be able to make changes right away. As it is, I've been locked out since Feb!! YUCK!
Can you tell I'm getting excited? :)

In other news...
We finally got all the kids well again after a week of sick children. Nicki got it first and missed her first 4 days in 2 years. It wasn't swine flu, just a very nasty cold, but she had a fever for 4 days and a terrible cough. This past weekend, Drew started a fever on Friday and kept it through Sat night. He's on the mend, but he missed a sleep over with our new neighbors. Tony got to go though and he was SO excited. He had a great time and now all three will be going to school in the morning. Andy and I have dodged it so far so with us luck.
I hope you're all doing well out there. I miss you guys.

Wednesday, September 30

It's WAYYYYY to late to be doing this.

But I'm gonna anyway.
I had a great time at the Croptopia event and made some new friends. At the end, instead of leaving a little bit early, I ended up changing all my plans and finding a rental car to drive to upstate New York to help out with "My Other Kitchen". My SIL had to have surgery, and with the baby, the store and school getting ready to start, they needed the help. I splurged for the GPS on the rental and I'm so glad I did. Rural New Hampshire and Vermont are no place to be if you just "think" you know where you're going. I had a GPS and still almost got lost. :) It was fun though, and I spent a week and 1/2 working at the Kitchen and looking at houses. I found a house that would work great for us, now if we can just sell something here. Our lake house is for sale, still, and we're going to go ahead and put our house in Canton up as well. Something has to give, right???

I spoke with my NEW website gurus today and they think the new site may be ready sometime in the next week or so. I am SO ready to get rid of the current site. It's horrible and I'm totally locked out and can't make any updates or changes. It still says "Happy Valentine's month" for heaven sakes, and I get calls asking if I'm still in business. YES, YES, YES!! Wish me luck that the new site comes up soon and is easier to operate.

OK, it's really getting late and I need my beauty sleep. (More than you can tell.)
Thanks for showing up even when I don't, LOL! It's good to see that my friends are still around.
Talk to ya'll soon. Good night Irene.