Sunday, December 28

Happy Holidays 2014

Well, THAT as a long time not to blog about anything! But life gets busy, kids go to school, you move 1500 miles away and don't have your best buds next door anymore... you know.  Stuff happens.

Scrapbook Girl is still alive and well, just not going to big conventions for now.  The big shows have gotten to be too expensive to continue, and I apologize to everyone for not being there.  Booth fees, travel expenses and the lack of enough people attending these conventions all led me to the hard decision to drop the shows for 2014 and forward.  I miss meeting new people and seeing old friends, but that just couldn't justify all the expenses of going to the shows.  Please still visit us on our website, Scrapbook Girl and we'll be happy to pack and ship anywhere in the US.

Here's an update on the family and what we've been up to these past 3-4 years...

We've been here in upstate NY for 3 1/2 years now and although it still isn't "home", it's gotten comfortable, and I guess that's the next best thing.  I miss my girlfriends every day, and even when I don't talk to them for months, as soon as I hear their voice on the other end of the line, it's like I just left.  We pick up right where we were and just keep on going.

The reason we moved was to help out with Andy's parents.  His dad has been in the Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home for the past year, and was just moved a few weeks ago into the regular nursing home part of the facility.  His memory is basically gone now, with occasional moments of recognition, and even those are further apart.  He's still a very sweet, mild mannered man I've known these past 30+ years, but he has no idea who anyone is.  While it's heartbreaking for his kids to see him like this, I feel some comfort at least that HE doesn't seem bothered by what's happening to him.  At least he's still happy and unbothered with anything going on around him. 

His mom has gone further down the memory decline as well, but she doesn't see it and remains convinced she's taking care of herself very well, even though we're all doing everything for her.  She still lives at home, and she forgets that she has dinner with one of the 5 kids every night (we each have a night to host, and weekends are taken care of by a hired caretaker.)  Even with having her car keys hidden and being told that her kids don't think she should be driving any more, she still found a way to find a "lost" set of keys and drive herself to the grocery store. She shouldn't mind you, but she did.  More conversations with the family on what to do about that will be started soon.

The kids LOVE it up here.  They're all doing great in school and love the winter sports.  We have a downhill skier, a cross-country skier and a snowboarder in the family now.  (Santa was really generous this year, and no, the kids don't believe it was Santa.)

I think that about catches you up on what's been happening to me.  Facebook has pretty much taken the place of any blogging I used to do, even the little I did.  It's hard to find time (or remember sometimes) to log into the blog.  I've started a new (to me) art form, Zentangle that I have fallen in love with.  It's relaxing, exciting to see what is created at the end, and I'm loving learning new tangles.  If anyone is interested, try going to and see all the possibilities.

I want to wish you all a very safe 2015 New Year.  I pray for our country to find a way to back off the hatred for our police and give it a chance to come back to our senses.  Hatred is never the answer to any problems.   Stay safe everyone, and Happy New Year.

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