Wednesday, November 18


I spent most of the day Monday at the dentist.  It started at 9am with my regular dentist where I was supposed to have 2 permanent crowns put in.  I was still having a lot of pain with the two molars and he thought I should have it checked before we put the permanents in place.  So at 2:00 I was seeing an Endodontist and, yup, I needed not one... but TWO root canals.  Both teeth were having trouble so I went back at 4:00 to get started.  I left around 6pm still very numb. 

Tuesday was good and bad.  I got some christmas shopping done early, then went home and had to crash with a pain pill.  I go back on Thursday to finish the root canal process, then back to my regular dentist for the crowns.  I just hope it's all done before Thanksgiving so I can eat! :)  {I've got my priorities.}
I'm gonna try to go back to sleep now.  I have to be up in the morning and it's after 2am already.
I hope ya'll have a better week!

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