Thursday, November 26


I want to wish all my friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope this finds you with friends and family.

I'm up and have my sweet potatoes in the oven baking to make a casserole that I will probably be the only one enjoying, but that's OK by me. :)  I already made my pies earlier this week; apple, chocolate cream and pecan with a pumpkin pie from Publix; and for some reason the kids decided they want deviled eggs with dinner, so I'm boiling eggs too. (I think they're thinking more of what gets brought to the church dinners than Thanksgiving food, but that's OK too.) 

I am so sad that my brother John won't be joining us today and that he's down in Florida alone.  I'm pretty sure he'll be having dinner with friends, but it won't be the same without him.  He's my only family left and I miss him a lot.  I love you little brother.

OK, {{sniff, sniff}} enough of that.  I'll wait to get all choked up when we sit down for dinner.  At least I'll be able to EAT today.  I've been back to the endodontist for another "fitting" of this temp crown, and things have calmed down somewhat.  I can at least chew without anticipating excrutiating pain if anything touches my back left teeth, or sneeze. LOL!!

Well friends, we're almost finished another year.   I hope you all enjoy yourselves today, eat too much, watch a little football (as we must Thanksgiving day!) and enjoy it ALL.

All my very best to my very best!!

Love, Lisa

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